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Our Referrer Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our affiliate program page. We are offering you a chance to form long-term business partnerships with Happyshoppinglife, an opportunity that you should not overlook! Take the initiative today and join our affiliate program to start generating extra revenue, for zero costs at all! There is no catch, no up-front payment; you dont have to spend a dime! It truly is easy to make a name for yourself, why not earn extra cash while doing it? Experience what its like to run your own business, join our affiliate program now.

Happyshoppinglife affiliate program essentially allows you to generate revenue for every valid purchase made that originates from your business or non-business channels. Consumers that go through you to purchase from Happyshoppinglife will net you a 4% commission from the total product value (not including shipping costs). For example, if the customer sent by your link makes an order for $1,000, you will automatically receive $40.

We offer tier based commission so the more you sell, the more you make!

We will provide you with all the tools and content you need to drive visits and sales to Happyshoppinglife. We have special links that you can use to drive traffic so transactions and other activities can be monitored.

Use the content and tools that we give you to bring traffic, and ultimately sales, to Happyshoppinglife. For every valid purchase made through your qualified channel/channels, you will receive a commission based on the particular produce order value..
Payment and Time of Commissions

* The minimum commission payout is USD 50.00 (e.g. if you have $51 in commissions you will be paid the full $51 through Paypal on the monthly payout day, but if you only have $49 you will have to wait until you go over $50 before you get paid anything at all).

* All commissions are paid through Paypal ONLY, to the paypal account email address you specified during signup
* All transactions must be in status shipped and there must not be complaints filed for replacement or refund requests in 35 days. Commission amounts are totaled on the 20th of each calendar month. The completed order totals include referrals from the 1st to the 31st in the previous calendar month.

* If any replacement or refund requests occur with an order made during the previous calendar month for which a commission amount has already been paid, a deduction will appear in the checkout amount for the upcoming calendar month.
Promoting Happyshoppinglife

* Promoting Happyshoppinglife' products and services through your own dedicated websites or ebooks using your content to which you hold the copyright

* Promoting Happyshoppinglife' products and services through your own existing websites on related themes such as electronics, gadgets, wholesale and wholesalers, drop-shipping, auctions, gifts, China business, business-to-business, import / export and trade, product reviews, technology, and affiliate programs

* Promoting Happyshoppinglife' products and services through third party websites such as blogs, newsgroups, forums, online classified advertising sites, and article directories where your involvement is explicitly permitted and invited by the owners of the website, and where your comments or submissions are useful and relevant to that website and its user community

* Promoting Happyshoppinglife' products and services through emails to people who have explicitly agreed to receive messages from you

* Promoting Happyshoppinglife' products and services through online advertising channels (such as pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, pay-per-(time period) banners, and text links) provided the context is appropriate

* No spamming, unsolicited emailing, intrusive marketing, blog comment spamming, forum thread spamming. When posting on third party websites you absolutely must abide by their webmaster rules

* You may link to Happyshoppinglife from multiple websites, but only if none of the sites violates any applicable law, regulation, intellectual property rights, or third-party rights. Pages linking to Happyshoppinglife' or sites associated with your affiliate links must not encourage illegal activity or racism, or contain adult or other distasteful content

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